Server Virtualization
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Server hardware sprawl is on the rise even though most datacenters use less than 15% of their available server resources. Traditional “one physical to one logical” server deployments suffer because the available resources are seldom on the servers that need them. This wasteful growth leads to complexity, reduced availability and higher costs. Triple Application offers server virtualization and shared storage solutions that solve these challenges and puts your organization in a ideal position for future growth.

Server VIRTUALIZATION Advantages

Server Consolidation - reduce current and future server hardware requirements and operating costs by over 50%, decrease datacenter energy costs by up to 80%, reduce server provisioning time by up to 70% and increase server utilization by over 25% or more.

High Availability - provide higher availability independent of hardware, operating system, and applications, eliminate downtime for common maintenance operations, perform maintenance at any time without disrupting users and services.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuance Planning - keep your datacenter “always on” and deliver cost-effective high availability all the time. Virtualization will eliminate recovery steps and simplify the recovery process, reduce your hardware costs and your maintenance budget for a redundant disaster recovery site, automate the disaster recovery process and ensure that it is executed rapidly and correctly.

Data Storage Solutions - ensure your virtualized environment will always have access to critical business information regardless of business size. Maximize storage consumption and eliminate ‘single points of failure’ by removing underutilized, server-based disk drives. Storage solutions provide data scalability, flexibility and instant recoverability.

Application Development - test, stage, and provision your multi-tier applications quickly and efficiently to accelerate the application lifecycle, automatically provide your applications with the right levels of scalability and availability to ensure end-user performance.

Ready for Virtualization?
Triple Application certified experts will ease you into the virtualization world by analyzing your current IT environment, understanding your business goals and then providing you with a solution to meet those goals and your budget.


  • Reduce and better leverage IT hardware Investments
  • Improve your bottom line by reducing IT operational costs
  • Ensure that your applications are “always on” for business
  • Increase your Disaster Recovery preparedness
  • Improve operational flexibility and responsiveness to your business
  • Ease into virtualization with Triple Application’s virtualization experts