Storage Solutions
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Centralizing data storage is one of the most common IT concerns today. To better assist you, Triple Application offers award winning solutions designed to cost effectively access and store data, simplify your storage infrastructure and optimize resource utilization.

Triple Application Advantages

Higher Availability
Dual redundant, hot-swappable power, cooling and drives with multiple levels of RAID protection, including RAID-DP, which delivers 10,000 times more protection than traditional RAID 5.

Instant Restores
Restore lost data almost instantly with up to 255 Snapshot® point-in-time images of the file server per volume.

Centralized Management
Manage your system from a single Windows-like GUI that makes adding, allocating and provisioning storage an easy point-and-click process.

Maximum Utilization
Storage utilization improves significantly after consolidation and storage can be grown simply by adding disks on the fly.

Flexibility, Scalability and Simplicity
Scale up to 12TB and handle NAS, iSCSI, and Fibre Channel SAN in the same box.

Storage Virtualization
One of the most exciting complementary technologies for network storage is virtualization. By using storage virtualization you can perform the tasks of backup, archiving, and recovery more easily, and in less time, by disguising the actual complexity of your SAN.